The artwork  ‘My Mommy Is Beautiful’ by Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono: My Mommy Is Beautiful (2004)
Stretched and primed linen canvases, paper, pens, tape, glue, table, chair, artist’s holograph instructions.

Visitors are invited to write a thought or memory about their mothers, or bring a photograph, and attach it to the canvases.
Very quickly, the canvases become completely covered in memories and messages, which soon cover the walls as well.

Exhibition History
Group Show – Liverpool Biennial & Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK (2004)
Yoko Ono “Sognare”, Treviso, Italy (2007/2008)
Yoko Ono “Between the Sky and My Head”, Bielefeld, Germany (2008)
Yoko Ono “Horizontal Memories” – Brasil (2008)
Yoko Ono “FLY” – Warsaw, Poland (2008)
Yoko Ono “FLY” – Shanghai, China (2008)
Yoko Ono “Between The Sky And My Head” – Baltic, Gateshead, UK (2008/2009)
Yoko Ono “Bell of Peace” – Gakushuin Womens College, Tokyo, Japan (2008/2009)
Group Show “NochNichtMehr” – Berlin, Germany (2009)
Yoko Ono “FLY” Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (2009)
Yoko Ono “Anton’s Memory” – Venice, Italy (2009)

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